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VPNLand: ¿Realmente una Premium VPN?

VPNLand es un proveedor de servicios VPN canadiense con raíces en la gestión de redes. La compañía ha estado operando desde hace más de 10 años. Sin embargo, por alguna razón, no parecen ser un nombre popular en la industria de VPN.

Max Ostryzhko

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This is a primary feature for any serious VPN In this industry. I believe that without this option, my anonymity is at risk and that is the main reason I am using a VPN.
The major merit of this VPN is that it supports different currencies, including Euro, Canadian Dollar, Russian Ruble, and more. When it comes to payment methods, the VPN Land service accepts payments via credit cards, PayPal, WebMoney, Paymentwall, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Great services at once.
On their About Us page, VPNLand says that they manage more than 700 VPN servers . However, I found out from their Server List page that there were only just above 260 servers operated by the company. Why not just tell me the truth?
If you are looking for a VPN with ultra-fast speeds, say for gaming, you may need to look elsewhere. When I tried gaming I just had to give up because of the speed.
VPN Land offers support via a wide range of platforms. I contacted the team via email, Skype, on the phone, or even follow them on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The response was quite sufficient.
What really bothers me is the fact that the VPN service collects a lot of personal information from users. This information is includes name, address, debit or credit card details, email address, telephone number, IP address among others. Is there anonymity?
I found the VPN Land prices to be relatively fare. This is in comparison to the other VPN service providers that I have used. If the price were to be reduced, then I think all will be well.
It is unfortunately that there is no free trial or money-back guarantee offered by VPN Land. Regardless of what their reason is, this is definitely a drawback. Please introduce free trial.
VPN Land, Most of their features are up to date. For instance their social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn that were of newest versions. Great services, I appreciate.

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