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SwissVPN: ¿La mejor opción de VPN para el público alemán?

Fundada por una empresa Suiza de telecomunicaciones, Monzoon Networks AG, SwissVPN ha sido durante mucho tiempo una opción preferida entre la multitud de habla alemana. El servicio de VPN ha ganado una reputación para proporcionar servicios de alta calidad y confiables a través de los años.

Adam Dagan

User Comments

I had to take a gamble with my money to pay for a service I was not sure of its efficiency. Many customers will not pay before trying the use. SwissVPN should try and give a free trial for new customers.
When I paid my first subscription, I was so disappointed when I realized that was for only one connection and I was supposed make more payments to add my connections. This SwissVPN’s major undoing considering other VPNS offers multiple connections for one deposit.
Most VPNs I have used offer its customers different subscription packages. I fail to understand why SwissVPN offers only one fixed contract.
I recommend you to try SwissVPN if you hate tedious registration processes. It took me a short time to register with the website. Their requirements are few and readily available.
What if I deslikes your services?, please try and offer money back quarantee like most VPNS.
SwissVPN is user friendly. I love how its website since content is laid out decently. In most VPNS I have used, it usually takes quite some time to understand the website.
My experience with SwissVPN customer service was fine. I submitted my inquiry through their platform and within few hours I received a satisfying feedback. Compared to other VPNs has a decent customer care platform.
Although its servers are only available in Switzerland, its network speed is fine. I have not had any problem in streaming HD videos.
The fact that SwissVPN not restrict its payment modes is perfect for me. I was not required to register any new payment mode I choose the most convenient payment mode; PayPal which I used in paying for my subscription.
Apart from German I like that SwissVPN is also available in five different languages. Considering that most VPNS only provides two languages in their websites.

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