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Las características de NordVPN son difíciles de superar. Con más de una década en el mercado, esta VPN tiene una...
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Fundado en 2012 por un grupo de amigos, NordVPN, como cualquier otra marca, tuvo comienzos muy humildes. Apegados a su valor básico, para liberar Internet, la compañía pronto ganó una gran cantidad de comentarios positivos, y ahora sirve a más de un millón de usuarios en todo el mundo.

Adam Dagan

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VPN is the thing that I pay the biggest attention. I prefer NordVPN because it offers double encryption, a zero-logging policy and great speed.
I just came here to give a huge applause to Nord's customer support. I had a few questions about streaming, and a guy that I talked with, was very polite and professional. He explained everything so quickly. So from my perspective, excellent communication with clients.
I like the app because it is pretty good at unblocking popular streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer or Hulu.
All five stars from me, because Nordvpn extension is one of the ways to stay safe if you want to avoid possible password leaks.
I am a remote worker, who often use public wi-fi, so I cannot even imagine my work day without Nordvpn. I recommend this provider for those who wants to hide personal or work information behind a layer of double encryption.
I consider NordVPN methods to be unethical and deceptive because:
1. Of the evergreen clause that is buried in voluminous language that is tedious for 95% of their victims to read or follow up on, and...
2. They insist on holdin...Leer más
The title says it all, I found NordVPN to be one of the most reliable providers so far. Even when traveling in such locations like China I had close to none issues with it. Considering that I'm paying around $3.5/month, that's more than good.
I'm even a bigger fan of Nord now after their no logs policy was confirmed by this external audit.
I find NordVPN too expensive for my taste.
$2,99 a month is too expensive for your taste? Hahah (maybe you mean Express VPN?)
NordVPN is just great value for a cheap price, but that is just my point of view.
Good VPN Provider...
Secure, fast enough, no logs policy...
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