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¿Qué es Noodle VPN?

Como una empresa estadounidense, Noodles VPN ha sido un competidor decente en la industria durante casi una década ahora. Formada de nuevo en 2009, esta empresa ofrece una variedad de servicios.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

Because this, I used it for torrenting, gaming and streaming without any problems. Moreso, Noodle VPN offered me a good connection, especially when you take into consideration the low prices. It is definately a great deal.
Noodle VPN gave me two options to make this possible. It was either sending an email or submitting a ticket. All did was submit a ticket. For the other questions that were not that urgent I used email communication. The response is fast and they work 24/7. Great work.
This means that NoodleVPN did not know what websites I opened. What and how much I downloaded, or when and for how long I used their services. Ths is more that good, as far as my anonymity is concerned. What a great deal from NoodleVPN.
I believe that without the phone services, a customer service is not up to standard at all. It is onlyn the phone services that offers the most efficient customer services in the modern World.
Averagely, the features are satisfying. However, Noodle VPN could have done a better job of explaining what they mean and serve for, or at least some of them. Because for a first time user like me, this is not the best comprehensive way of introducing your product.
When I opened the Noodle VPN’s webpage. The first thing I noticed is the fact that it’s a bit crowded with information. At first, it was a challenge to navigate around the page. It needs some polishing.
NoodleVPN has 5 multi logins with one account. I afraid that this might come with its own demerits. These might include, Identity and or credentials theft, expossure and hacking issues. NoodleVPN
should concentrate on delivering the best online safety.
Unfortunately, they did offer me a live chat, but taking into consideration their fast response, even without this, their customer service is still on point. Just few improvements here and there and all will be well.

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