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GoTrusted VPN está basado en Estados Unidos. El 76% de las opiniones de los usuarios que usaron GoTrusted VPN son positivas.
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GoTrusted es una VPN de la vieja escuela con los add-ons mínimos y una reputación para las velocidades realmente rápidas. Hacen la afirmación de que operan en los gigabits, por lo que es rápido y una red muy grande y segura.
Fueron incorporados en 2005 por un manada de ejecutivos de Symantec. Symantec era una antigua compañía antivirus, y eso es un crecimiento natural en el mercado de la tecnología: antivirus para VPNs.

Max Ostryzhko

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The VPN has okay features, not the best by any means but the ones available are pretty useful.
The quality of the services they offer is impressive and its performance if nothing short of fabulous.
The internet speeds was great and just what I was hoping it would be. I wasn't going to settle for a VPN that would slow down by internet speed and GoTrusted matched by expectations with no lag and nothing held back. The speed was simply superb.

GoTrusted are everything but affordable. I subscribed to their packages because I was in a desperate need for a VPN but on a closer such later on, I came to realize they are more expensive than almost everyone else. A monthly subs...Leer más
A lot of people seem to like this VPN. I have come to like it as well after using it for a while.
customer support with this VPN is very efficient. I was able to get help really fast.
If privacy and security are your main concern, then GoTrusted ranks up there in terms of ensuring you are covered. The security protocols used( PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN) with up to 256 bit encryption system , was enough to guarantee my security.
I love this VPN. Everything about it is just so impressive. The speed was amazing and customer support was very helpful.
As with most VPNs, the main form of support for GoTrusted is their FAQ page which was resourceful and suffices in providing an answer to some basic questions about this VPN. However, there are other questions that the FAQ page doe...Leer más
You would think that the firts thing on a website besides the obvious product description is the customer support but that wasn't the case with this VPN. If you have a burning issue, you have to scroll and browse through the Conta...Leer más
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