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Con sede en Estonia, BulletVPN es un proveedor de servicios VPN decente con servidores en 29 países. Su paquete viene con una variedad de protocolos, tres conexiones simultáneas, datos ilimitados y ancho de banda, DNS inteligente, una política de reembolso completo de 30 días, y aplicaciones para todas las plataformas.

Max Ostryzhko

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Amazingly, this is the first VPN that I have come across which offers for a 30 day period money back guarantee. I used the BulletVPN for about a month before finally making up my mind on whether to use it or not. Of course I ended up subscribing for a yearly plan.
DNS Leak protection is absent from the main features that the BulletVPN provider offers. Well, I feel unsafe regardless of the good speeds that it providers. The expert team should work on this.
Finally I found a VPN that can easily help me stream 1080p videos. One thing for sure is that there is no buffering that I experienced when using the BulletVPN. This was just great for me
BulletVPN is just affordable. Guys, if you are looking for a VPN provider that will not cost you a lot more so for monthly payments then this is the right VPN for you. It certainly does not disappoint.
Well, I enjoyed the great speeds that the BulletVPN offers until I realized that it only supports up to three simultaneous connections. This is one area that the provider should make adjustments as most people have several devices that they need to connect.
I was surprised at the fact that customer care support is offered in languages such as German, English, French and Danish. This is awesome. Few VPN providers provide for such a customer support feature.
Guys, the BulletVPN uses the best encryption in the market today. This should tell you a lot about the kind of security that you would be getting.
How can I drop the connection whenever I am feeling unsafe? Well, the lack of a kill-switch was a turn-down for me. The service provider should consider installing this feature in their BulletVPN.
With the small server network in less than 30 countries, the BulletVPN is slightly disappointing. I am an avid traveler and I want a VPN that would be convenient on a global scale.

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